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how to fix scratches on wood floor

Do you want to know how to fix scratches on wood floor? If your answer is yes then you are in the perfect place. Here, you will get complete information about how to fix scratches on wood floor.

Natural hardwood floors are stylish additions to your home, but they can be prone to scuffs and scratches. With pets and young children, accidents are impossible to prevent, and sometimes you just need a solution to fix a scratch.

Scratches on wooden floors are more than just a nuisance. If the paint has rubbed off, the scratched spot becomes the epicenter for water damage, mold colonies, and wood-eating creatures. So at the first sight of a scratch, it’s best to fix the hiccup before it becomes a worse problem.

If you’re reading this, you probably have the terrible problem of finding a scratch or two on your impressive hardwood floor. Whether it’s a recent scratch or an old mark, we’ll show you 6 ways to remove, buff, and seal a scratch to keep your floors looking like new.

Here Is How To Fix Scratches On Wood Floor

how to fix scratches on wood floor

Use vegetable oil to repair scratches on hardwood floors

When you see ugly scratches on your wooden floor, take some vegetable oil and rub it on the scratches. Put the vegetable oil on the hardwood overnight and let it sit for a few hours. In the morning, take a clean cloth and wipe it to see the magic.

Skillfully use the marker to repair scratches on wooden floors

You can easily mask the scratches on your hardwood floor. You may not need to spend long hours trying to fix scratches. It only takes a few clever moves to quickly hide the scratches. Take a marker close to the color of your hardwood floor and simply color in the scratches.

Use tea to repair scratches on hardwood floors

The tea color is very close to the shades of wooden floors. When you find unattractive scratches on your hardwood floor, you can use tea to stain the scratches and then mix them with the entire floor.

Try using walnuts to repair scratches on hardwood floors.

Walnuts aren’t just good for your health. They can also repair scratches on wooden floors. Nuts can repair scratches not only on wooden floors but also on wooden furniture. You just have to rub the nut on the scratches and you will see the magic.

Stain and sand to repair scratches on wooden floors

Wondering how sanding can repair scratches on hardwood floors? When there are deep dents in your hardwood floor, you can scratch and level it using the sanding process. In the process of sanding, the lightest grit sandpaper is used. Then use a damp cloth to press and wipe the area.

Next, use a certain amount of the original floor stain and paint the area. Apply lightly and press on the surface with a cloth. Keep doing this until the color matches the tone of your hardwood floor.

Iron for deep dents in wooden floors

When there are deep dents in your hardwood floor, iron can go a long way. Take a paper towel or damp cloth and place it on the dents. Then iron the fabric for about 5 minutes. It can work quite well.

Prevent scratches on the wooden floor.

The best way to prevent scratches is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. While it’s easier said than done, here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain the condition of your hardwood floors to keep them looking like new for decades:

  • Do not drag objects, especially heavy furniture, from one side to another. When necessary, use a mat for better gliding and minimal friction on hardwood floors.
  • Trim pet nails or put up a barrier for your four-legged friends so they don’t damage your floors. Provide cats with scratching posts designed for their purpose.
  • Avoid abrasive cloths, sponges, or the use of steel wool on hardwood floors.
  • Reapply the wood finish as many times as necessary.

Whatever the reason, scratches can keep you from fully enjoying the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Proper maintenance is a must to keep your hardwood floor looking like new.

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Faqs | How To Fix Scratches On Wood Floor

How to remove scratches from wooden floors without sanding?

Using baking soda and olive oil together can help reduce and remove scratches from wood. Vacuum the floor well, then apply baking soda moistened with several drops of olive oil to the damaged areas. Wait five minutes, then gently buff with a soft sponge. Clean thoroughly with a damp cloth and dry it with a towel.

Can scratched wood floors be repaired?

Removing scratches from hardwood floors is easy to do. With a little effort, a small can of stain, and fine-grained sandpaper, you can repair scratches on any hardwood floor. After sanding in the direction of the grain, apply a small amount of dye. If you’re nervous about using dye, try walnut tincture.

Can scratches on wooden floors be polished?

Polish the scratch. Use a clean, soft cloth to scrub back and forth over the scratched area and scrub the wax away. Wax polishing smoothes the scratched area, removes excess wax, and restores shine to the floor.

How can I make scratches on the wood less visible?

Minor scratches can be covered with cooking oils such as vegetable oil and canola oil. The oil will darken the area of ​​the wood and help it melt. Just dab some oil on your fingertips and rub it on the small scratches to hide it.


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