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The Different Kinds of Marble Tiles

Do you want to know about the different kinds of marble tiles? If your answer is yes then you are in the perfect place. Here, you will get complete information about the different kinds of marble tiles.

Marble has been precipitated from limestone and dolomite; it is unevenly colored by impurities and is mainly used in architecture and sculpture.

Marble tiles are used for exterior and interior flooring applications. Marble floors are available in various colors red, black, speckled, and banded white, grey, pink, and green.

It is widely used for all kinds of commercial buildings and residential spaces. It is also used for high-quality everyday products such as bathtubs, sinks, and souvenirs such as statues.

Advantages of marble floors

  • This marble floor enhances the overall look of the house.
  • This marble floor is a kind of natural flooring material.
  • In addition, the marble floor is easy to polish.
  • Add the real estate value of the property directly.
  • It has the capacity for underfloor heating.

Disadvantages of marble floors

  • It is a very expensive type of flooring.
  • It is slippery and brittle in nature.
  • For marble, floor sealing requires porous stone.
  • This floor is not scratch resistant.

Here Are The Different Kinds of Marble Tiles

The Different Kinds of Marble Tiles

White marble

It is the most perfectly radiant marble; makes rooms appear larger and brighter. White marble is available in many subtypes, such as Talai White Marble, Opal White Marble, Zanjhar White Marble, Sangemarmar White Marble, Makrana Pure White Marble, Carrara White Marble, Indian Statuary Marble, and Morwad White Marble.

However, this one requires much more maintenance than other types of marble, it is still preferred over others because it finishes the whole piece of furniture.

Depending on the type of white marble, its quality, and the dealer, the price can range from Rs. 120 to nearly Rs. 400 per square meter.

beige marble

Another type of marble that brings sophistication to the home is beige marble; this brings the necessary warmth to the room and brightens the interior.

Although beige marble is quite common in some parts of the country, it has never gone out of style. This highly resistant marble comes in multiple types for floors.

Muscat Beige

Moscato Beige has a homogeneous background with a combination of soft toasted notes and the veining is pearly. Travertines have natural pastel shades reminiscent of sand and earth. Il Boticino is also a beige calcite marble with a soft beige base containing light gold veining and white shadows that mimic sea foam.

Premium Beige is a type that can replace white marble; it looks clean and crisp with its subtle beige hue. These marble tile prices start at Rs. From 60 to 200 per square meter.

Yellow marble

Yellow Marble is a splendid choice for marble floors; it keeps the traditional look, but it is in fashion. Other types of marble are available in yellow marble, such as Ita Gold Marble, Antique Rainforest Marble, Jaisalmer Yellow Marble, Rainforest Gold, Yellow Sahara Marble, and Goldie Marble.

This suits all types of floors such as interiors, patios, and even countertops. The price starts from Rs. From 120 to 400 per square meter.

Green marble

One of the few types of marble flooring that graces the entire house is green marble. They represent nature, prosperity, and health. The veins found in green marble are mostly white, although they can be found in gold, ocher, black and gray of varying intensity. In addition, there are streaks of green that are lighter or darker than the base color.

The different types of marbles available from Green Marble are mint green, green onyx reminiscent of an ocean-top view, and botanical green as the name suggests, the color is reminiscent of flora.

It is accentuated with golden veins, Dark emerald green marble, Kesariaji green marble, Udaipur green marble, rainforest green marble, and the most commonly used spider green marble. The price starts from Rs. From 45 to 70 per square meter.

Blue Marble

Blue Marble is the most serene of the types of marble floors. Bring that kind of calm into your home that you will feel when looking at a clear summer sky.

Subtypes include Sky Blue Marble, with its pastel blue base hue and fuzzy white veins that give your floor the same sky, Blue Calcite, and Macauba Blue Quartzite with their chromatic luminosity that can bring unrivaled aesthetic appeal to your own. house and Blue Sodalite. it is also an interesting choice. The price of a square foot of blue marble starts at Rs. 230 to 600.

Faqs | The Different Kinds of Marble Tiles

Which marble is best for floors?

Below are the most common types of marble for floors,

  • Calacatta Dorato marble.
  • Michelangelo Calacatta marble. 
  • Calacatta Borghini marble. 
  • Talathello or Silver Beige Marble. 
  • Emperor marble. 
  • Ivory cream marble. 
  • Carrara marble.
  • Nero Levadia marble.

What is the most popular marble?

Carrara marble

Carrara marble is the most common type of marble, which is why it is also the least expensive marble on this list.

How to recognize a good-quality marble?

Buyer, please turn the stone over and check for any cracks or indentations. Small cracks are sometimes found along with the veins on the surface of the marble. Slabs with small gaps can be used in restricted traffic areas. If there are large cracks, then it is not good quality marble.


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