Best Methods Of Cleaning Travertine Floors, 2022

cleaning travertine floors

Do you want to know the best methods of cleaning travertine floors? If your answer is yes then you are in the perfect place. Here, you will get complete information about cleaning travertine floors. Travertine stone has been used for thousands of years to build beautiful structures, including the Colosseum in Rome.

Travertine gives the appearance of opulence, but dirty travertine is less aesthetically pleasing. Travertine, widely used as a beautiful and durable floor material, is an economical alternative to marble or granite floor stones. Travertine tiles are the perfect addition to a high-end traditional home in Tampa Bay.

With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your travertine remains as beautiful as the day it was installed. Travertine Cleaning Experts from cleaning marble polishing share the best tips about cleaning travertine floors

Here Are The Best Methods Of Cleaning Travertine Floors

Best Methods Of Cleaning Travertine Floors

Travertine tile is a high-end upgrade that you can be proud to have in your home. As a natural stone material, it brings earthy tones and a unique charm to your space. This material is undeniably durable and is suitable for high-traffic areas in your home.

However, special care is required to maintain its beauty and excellent condition. Before cleaning your tile floor, you need to learn the correct steps to take care of it.

Sweep or vacuum the floor

Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove small particles of dirt and sand.

Clean the floor

Apply a small amount of warm water to the floor with a nearly wrung-out sponge or rag to make the travertine surface slightly damp. Do not saturate travertine tiles with water, as they can seep past the sealer or into the joints, causing discoloration, decay, and mold growth.

Disinfect the floor

If it’s time to sanitize the floor, add a tablespoon of mild, non-acidic dish soap to a quart of water. Clean the floor with this solution. Scrub a second time with clean water to remove any stubborn residue. Drying the surface with a towel is also recommended.

Clean grout lines

Cleaning grout around travertine tiles can be tricky because you don’t want to ruin the stone, but you do need something abrasive to clean the grout. If you need to clean grout, mix equal parts baking soda and water to create a grainy paste.

Carefully rub this lightly abrasive paste into the grout with a small brush to avoid scratching or marking the edges of the tile with the tool. Also, try a specially formulated stone cleaner (approved for use on travertine) to try and clean the grout.

Regular maintenance of the travertine

  • For regular cleaning, use a sealant-friendly cleaning product, such as Tile Doctor Stone Soap, which has been specially formulated for regular cleaning of sealed stone and tile surfaces to keep them fresh.
  • If you’ve applied a polishing pad system, it’s much easier to keep these tiles clean by using a No. 4 Greens on the stone every two to three months, depending on wear. This process will improve the surface tension (not to be confused with the amount of sealant residing in the stone), thereby improving the overall appearance and finish of the floor.

PLEASE NOTE: Sealants break after 2-3 years (depending on use) and will need to be reapplied.

Faqs | Best Methods Of Cleaning Travertine Floors

How can I clean and restore travertine?

By sweeping and washing regularly, you can help the natural beauty of travertine shine through. Avoid acidic cleaners like vinegar, bleach, and ammonia as they can etch the surface and cause considerable damage. Instead, opt for a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner mixed with warm water to keep your floors sparkling clean.

Can wet Swiffer be used on travertine floors?

DO NOT use a wet broom: Your first cleaning instinct might be to get the broom, but for travertine tile, this is a mistake. Wet cleaning travertine flooring could cause filler leaks, stone damage, staining, and microbial growth that could cause discoloration.

How can I restore the shine of my travertine floor?

Finally, it is necessary to polish the travertine floor to restore the shine of the surface. Polishing the surface with clear topical sealers gives it a beautiful shine and luster that your stone had when it was new. We recommend using Celine to seal the tile surface and impart a brilliant shine.

Can you use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on travertine floors?

Do not use products such as MR Clean, dishwasher, Windex, or anything similar to these products. These products leave a residue on the travertine tiles, collecting and attracting dust and dirt. Over time, dirt and dust can start to absorb into the travertine and cause staining.


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